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This Spotify playlist is keeping track of (almost) all the music on Beats 1

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The first few hours of Beats 1 radio have come and gone, and now you can relive most of the music that's been played courtesy of... Spotify user Peter Bowles. Perhaps it was inevitable that someone would make a playlist mirroring what Apple's DJs are playing for Beats 1 listeners, and that's just what's happened here.

Obviously you lose out on the glowing personalities of Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, and Julie Adenuga with this track list. Early fans of the station would tell you they're a key draw, and the whole "live, linear radio" thing also goes out the window when you're just jumping around a Spotify playlist. Spotify doesn't have that new Pharrell song either, so here it's been replaced with "Happy" — a cruel joke in its own right. Anything by Taylor Swift is also absent. But this could still be useful to non-Apple Music users who are curious about Beats 1's big first day. (Apple has published Zane Lowe's first set as an iTunes playlist.) The only question is how long Bowles and others contributing to the collaborative playlist will keep it up.