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You can listen to Beats 1 radio with iTunes right now

You can listen to Beats 1 radio with iTunes right now


No need to wait for an iTunes update

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Apple seems to be running a bit behind schedule with the release of iTunes 12.2 (and Apple Music) for PC and Mac. The company's download page promises it's "coming soon," so for all we know it could still arrive later tonight or tomorrow sometime. But if you're without an iPhone or iPad and are interesting in checking out Beats 1 right now, there's a workaround that lets anyone listen using the current version of iTunes — as long as iTunes Radio is available in your country.

Beats 1 iTunes

First spotted by Federico Viticci, the trick is really simple: you just add Beats 1 to your current list of iTunes Radio stations. Head to the Radio section of iTunes, and click the plus symbol next to "My Stations." From there, all you've got to do is type "Beats 1" into the search box, add it, and you can start listening instantly. Just like on iPhone and iPad, album art will change with each new song played by Beats 1 DJs. If you're after the on-demand streaming of Apple Music, that'll have to wait until iTunes 12.2 makes its proper debut — hopefully sooner than later. But this is a nice taste of Apple's new radio station in the meantime. The workaround is a bit busted, though; there's no song history available for the Beats 1 station at present.