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Tumblr now lets you search for the perfect GIF

Tumblr now lets you search for the perfect GIF

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In the future, we'll all look back on the dark days of Tumblr when we had to go off platform to find the perfect GIF. But today the network enters a new golden age, an age where GIFs flow as readily as open Wi-Fi in an empty coffee shop, an age where you don't go out hunting for GIFs — the GIFs just come to you.

Tumblr is today introducing a GIF search engine within its website. When you're creating a Tumblr post, you can just click the new GIF button and a search box will pop up. Type in whatever you're looking for, and Tumblr will theoretically return some perfectly looping results. It'll even credit and inform the Tumblr user who originally published the GIF. It's a lot like Giphy's new Gmail extension, which is pretty great news for the lazy GIF senders out there.