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Sony's keyring-sized Bluetooth speakers are now available in the US

Sony's keyring-sized Bluetooth speakers are now available in the US

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Earlier this year, Sony added a trio of new devices to its family of portable Bluetooth speakers, looking more like grown-up building blocks than musical accessories. Now, the company has announced US pricing and availability for the X11, X33, and X55, all of which sport the same minimalist look as the rest of the SRS range: cuboid in shape, with mesh speaker grills and discrete buttons set flush to the top of each device.

The best-looking of the three is the smallest: the X11. An actual cube rather than a rectangular cuboid, it has up to 12 hours of battery life and can also serve as a speakerphone for your mobile. You can pair together two X11s to create stereo sound, although at $69.99 apiece, you may as well just buy the larger X33 for $139.99 and save $10. However, it does come with a silicon strap that let's you hang it up like a cute (if boxy) keychain.

The X33 Bluetooth speaker. (Sony)

Like the X11, the X33 and X55 can also function as speakerphones, and offer up to 12 hours and 10 hours of battery life respectively. These two speakers are larger in size and offer better bass response, but the X55 (now retailing at $179.99) also comes with a few extra features including NFC capability and a USB port for charging smartphones and tablets. The X11 comes in a range of colors including black, white, pink, and red, and the X33 is available in blue, white, red, or black. The X55 is only available in a very sensible black.

All three are cheaper than our current top portable speaker, the Logitech UE Boom, but of course, it's hard to judge these devices without actually listening to them. Based on price alone, even if the X55 can match the EU Boom on sound quality, users might prefer the latter's 360-degree speakers and water-resistant design.

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