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Apple Watch will be available in stores this month

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Sales expanding to seven more countries

You'll finally be able to buy an Apple Watch in an Apple Store about two weeks from now, when "some models" will start to arrive in stock. The shift from online-only sales to in-store sales comes as Apple appears to be shipping out most of its remaining orders. It says that orders placed in May for nearly every model of Watch will ship within the next two weeks.

"We’re also making great progress with the backlog of Apple Watch orders."

Around the same time, Apple is also expanding availability of the Watch to seven more countries, including the home of the fine watch industry: Switzerland. The other countries include Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and Taiwan. In those locations, the Watch will be available both online and in stores, including from some of Apple's partners. That expansion happens on Friday, June 26th.

"We’re also making great progress with the backlog of Apple Watch orders, and we thank our customers for their patience," Jeff Williams, Apple's SVP of operations, says in a statement.

It's not stated which models will initially be available in Apple's stores, but even limited availability would be a big shift in how Apple is selling the Watch. Even today, you can only try on the Watch in an Apple Store — the stores still make you go online to buy one. In part, that's been because of short supplies that led to significant wait times for a number of models, but that appears to be clearing up as Apple builds more Watches and, likely, as orders slow during the move away from the Watch's launch. Until then, you can always swing by one of Apple's pop-up boutiques.