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Watch a family go to war with a fleet of Parrot drones

Watch a family go to war with a fleet of Parrot drones

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Having older siblings can be a nightmare, I'm told. (As the eldest of three, I did plenty of torturing in my day.) But we live in the future, so household bullying has clearly evolved to include Killer Parrot Drones. In this promo spot, YouTube filmmaker Devin Graham (aka devinsupertramp) let three young boys unleash all-out vehicular mayhem on their little sister (in what can only be described as their Daddy Warbucksian mansion), and things go crazy from there. There's even a twist! Let's break it down.

Drone Wars


Drone Wars 2B

Good God, they're everywhere! GET TO THE CHOPPER!

Drone Wars 3

"We've been discovered! Uh! Uh! It was Brandon's idea! I'm just a patsy!"

Drone Wars 4

Shit just got real.

Drone Wars 5

Ride of the Valkyries moment!

Drone Wars 6

Having run off her enemies, our little hero is victorious!

It may be an ad, but it's as cool an ad as I've seen in awhile. (Though you probably shouldn't try this at home since, well, Enrique Iglesias.) Now who wants to buy me a mansion and a drone? Anyone?

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