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This mobile Star Wars game is a prequel to The Force Awakens

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A new Star Wars movie is coming, and that means lots of new video games. In addition to the upcoming reboot of Battlefront and a new Star wars-themed Disney Infinity, this year will also see the launch of mobile role playing game Star Wars: Uprising. Developed by Kabam, the studio behind Spirit Lords, the game will serve as a bridge, connecting the events of Return of the Jedi and December's The Force Awakens.

While we only have a teaser trailer and some artwork to go on, Kabam describes the game as a "deep RPG experience," which will include the ability to play real-time co-op with friends. You'll be creating your own character from a variety of classes — including, naturally, bounty hunter — and visiting classic Star Wars locations like Hoth and Cloud City.

Star Wars Uprising

A mobile movie tie-in isn't usually something to get excited about, but Uprising appears to have a solid team behind it. Among the development staff are Daniel Erickson, who served as creative director on EA's MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as Danny Keller, who worked as an artist on the Clone Wars animated series. Kabam is typically known for free-to-play mobile strategy games, but recently branched out with the excellent, Diablo-like Spirit Lords.

The game will launch sometime before The Force Awakens hits theaters in December, though no official release date has been announced. In the meantime, a beta will be rolling out in select countries over the coming weeks. The worldwide rollout is expected sometime during the fall.

Star Wars Uprising