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I am going to buy so many of these Star Wars figures, but I don’t know why

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Hoth, we have a problem

The next Disney Infinity game is the most exciting yet, and that all comes down to the fact that it will include the Star Wars universe. You'll be able to explore iconic locations like Tatooine and Hoth, and in the game's virtual toybox Luke Skywalker can play games alongside Black Widow and Wreck-it Ralph. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun, although previous games have been disappointing. But, if I'm being completely honest with myself, it's not the game that has me excited.

I'm a 30-year-old father who can't wait to buy some Star Wars toys.

The toys-to-life genre, as it's known, isn't new at all. Skylanders made its debut in 2011, and since then has grown into a massive franchise, spawning plenty of sequels and earning publisher Activision more than $3 billion in the process. The concept is simple: the game comes with a little base that lets you scan real-world toys into a virtual world. Each game comes with a toy, but the rest are sold separately, so things can get pretty expensive if you have a collector's mentality.

Skylanders never hooked me

Skylanders never hooked me, though. While it's big with kids — my five-year-old nephew can't get enough — the Saturday morning cartoon-style characters in Skylanders don't really do much for me. My problem really started with the launch of the first Disney Infinity in 2013. I wasn't that into the game itself, but the slick, wonderfully designed figures proved hard to resist. I'm a huge Pixar fan, and the lure of great figures from The Incredibles and Monsters, Inc. proved too strong.

Splatoon amiibo

Things only got worse from there. The second Disney Infinity added Marvel characters, so my ever-growing shelf was soon joined by Venom and the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy. And considering how far into the hole I was, there was no way I wasn't buying a Baymax figure. I mean, come on.

Nintendo's amiibo line has had a similar appeal. Having a shelf full of classic Nintendo characters, or new ones like Splatoon's inklings, is surprisingly reassuring. When I'm brainstorming a new story idea I pick up a Kirby toy and just think. When my daughter hangs out in my office, she sits on the floor and plays with Princess Peach and Bowser.

Disney Infinity Star Wars

The thing is, that's really all I use them for. I stopped playing Disney Infinity a long time ago, and while I play and love a lot of Nintendo games, the amiibo functionality leaves much to be desired. The most I've ever used them for is to get a Yoshi racing suit for my Mii in Mario Kart 8. I know these things aren't exactly useful. And they can be expensive! Amiibos are $12.99 each, and that's not including the mark-up if you decide to snag a hard-to-find toy from an after-market seller. Luckily I'm not a completist, or I'd probably need a raise.

Today Disney revealed some of the original trilogy Star Wars figures that will be in the new game, and I already know I'm going to buy at least a few. Darth Vader looks pretty great rendered in the Infinity art style. Meanwhile, Lego is releasing its own take on the genre with Lego Dimensions, and it, too, is making a serious play for nostalgia. Some of the earliest sets announced include The Simpsons, Back to the Future, and Scooby Doo. But unless the game proves to be amazing, I might just sit out Dimensions; I've decided to limit my collection to a single shelf, and it's already getting pretty crowded.

Besides, I'm going to need space for that yarn Yoshi.