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Final Fantasy Tactics is finally available on Android

Final Fantasy Tactics is finally available on Android

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Android gamers are used to being second-class citizens, as games tend to hit the platform long after they debut on iOS, if they get an Android port at all. Things are getting much better, but they're not perfect, and this might be the worst offender yet: four years after Final Fantasy Tactics hit iOS, it's now available on Android devices.

The game first launched on the original PlayStation way back in 1997, and proved to be an instant classic, thanks to a combination of an epic storyline and some truly excellent turn-based strategy gameplay. The mobile version is actually a port of the PSP remake from 2007, subtitled War of the Lions, which adds in some new features including beautiful new cut-scenes. The iPhone version launched in 2011, and while it wasn't a perfect port — thanks primarily to some excessively long load times — having such a massive epic on your phone was still pretty special.

It may have taken a long time, but now Android gamers can finally have the same experience. But like most Square Enix mobile ports, that comes with a hefty (for mobile, anyways) price tag: Final Fantasy Tactics is available in the Google Play store now for $13.99.