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Apple Pay arrives in the UK next month with support for London's transport system

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Apple Pay is coming to the UK. After recent rumors suggested Apple would announce the expansion of its payment service, the company is confirming today that Apple Pay will be available in Britain in July. Apple Pay will work with over 250,000 contactless payment terminals already installed and in use across the UK for tap-to-pay credit cards. UK retailers have adopted contactless payments on a large scale, and most major stores and restaurants now support the payment method. Apple is partnering with HSBC, Santander, Natwest, Nationwide, First Direct for the UK launch, and many more.

While Apple Pay will support many stores and bank accounts, Apple is also supporting London's transport system. Apple didn't go into details, but it appears Apple Pay will use Oyster to allow Londoners to navigate around the city on buses, trains, and the subway.

Apple Pay UK banks

Apple Pay is currently supported on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the new Apple Watch, allowing you to tap on a contactless payment terminal to purchase items in a store. Apple uses a combination of NFC technology and its Touch ID fingerprint reader to authenticate purchases and avoid anyone just picking up your phone and buying goods in stores. July will mark the first time that Apple Pay will be available outside of the US.

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