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Falling back to Earth looks beautiful and majestic in this GoPro footage from SpaceX

Falling back to Earth looks beautiful and majestic in this GoPro footage from SpaceX

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SpaceX continues to release amazing footage from its extraterrestrial escapades, and this time round it's hit on the perfect musical accompaniment. This video from a GoPro camera fixed to the nose cone of a Falcon 9 rocket shows the debris falling back to Earth, with Johann Strauss' Blue Danube waltz dubbed over the top to give the footage a calm and majestic air. Of course, Strauss' famous waltz has long been the perfect pairing for trips in space, although we can't decide whether Stanley Kubrick or The Simpsons did it best.

SpaceX is still trying to make the Falcon 9 reusable

There's no word from SpaceX as to which launch this particular footage comes from, but we know Falcon 9 rockets are put to a number of uses, including ferrying cargo to the International Space Station and dropping satellites off in orbit. SpaceX has been trying hard to make the Falcon 9 reusable, but so far hasn't managed to land any rockets safely back on Earth — even though it's come pretty close.

Instead, debris like the fairing in this video (the name for the exterior structure that covers the rocket's payload) is left to fall back to the planet, where it sometimes even shows up on Twitter. Late last month, an entrepreneur named Kevin Eichelberger posted pictures of a piece SpaceX fairing that had washed up in the Bahamas complete with an intact GoPro camera. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk thanked Eichelberger for flagging up the find, but wouldn't say whether the footage above (Eichelberger sent the GoPro back to SpaceX) was from the same mission.

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