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Thoughts on Tomorrowland - have you seen it?


Lots of comments in the Tomorrowland review from people who've clearly not seen the film. Have you seen it? What did you think?

I was really looking forward to it, was encouraged by the spoiler-free trailers, liked the overall themes behind the film, but left a bit disappointed in the execution. I liked the optimism, and I thought the very end was good though not very egalitarian - what happens to all the non-special people, like me?!

I did feel its problems are what you often see when Big Filmmakers (or musicians etc etc) get to make something after becoming successful - the writer and director didn't have enough discipline, or impartial guidance. As UK movie critic Mark Kermode often says (and may have said about Tomorrowland, I've not caught up with his review), its in severe need of a good impartial producer going in there with care and craft and saying _this bit doesn't work, that bit's too long, that doesn't make sense, tighten up here, don't just resort to robots hitting each other at the end_. I did really like it, but I think there's a pretty great good movie in there somewhere, but it's too long, complicated and violent for 10 year olds, too messy for adults.

(Also, Britt Robertson is 25 and is referred to as a teenager. I thought she was really good but doesn't look like a teenager and her character was a little poorly drawn. Hollywood - either cast an actor of the correct age, or adapt the role to suit the actor you want to use. Her age gave it that occasional Grease feeling.)

There were lots of interesting charterers I'd like to see more of which does sometimes make you feel like you're being set up for squeals/spinoffs. I think it's safe to say there wont be squeals/spinoffs. The young girl was great, Tim McGraw too, a film of Clooney/Hugh Laurie on a desert island would be fun, the younger brother was cool, the shop she went to was fun, what was life like in the Tomorrowland she saw (if it ever existed), or that young Frank went to. The fact that there's lots of interesting characters that you want to spend more time with is usually a good sign, here it didn't help with the feeling that the whole was a little unfocused.

Unfortunate that the commercial problems that the film faces are rooted in the things it rails against – up against unoriginal sequels and and more superhero adaptations/reboots, this story of optimism and positivity didn’t put bums on seats. It’s certainly no John Carter and will probably compound the reticence of studios to fund big films that aren't based of established brands or franchises. (and yes I know Tomorrowland is itself a brand, I enjoyed the Disney nods here and there).