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Aston Martin's latest racer will mess with your eyeballs

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I've found that resisting the urge to squint, put on glasses, or adjust your monitor while looking at this Aston Martin Vantage GTE racer is nigh impossible. Why? The artist, Tobias Rehberger, explains: "...The design is based on a geometric optical effect pattern. Comparable to a fast object, a steady fixation on a point of the pattern is impossible."

Tobias Rehberger
Another one of Rehberger's works. (Pilar Corrias)

The Vantage is set to race in the 24 Hours of LeMans, which takes place next weekend on France's famed Circuit de la Sarthe. This particular car is owned by a Rehberger fan, who Aston Martin says "was interested to see how he could manipulate the appearance of the race car." I'd say he succeeded.

If you're watching the race — which starts next Saturday at 3PM local time — keep an eye out for number 97. Just don't stare too long.

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