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Good Morning America guarantees bad morning, tweets GIF of dead Mufasa

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Share this link if this GIF of a dead cartoon character was you this morning!

In the Great Hall of Social Media Gaffes, Good Morning America asking its audience if getting out of bed felt like that moment a father dies in a beloved cartoon is insignificant. The gaffe might not even belong in the Great Hall, instead holding some minor space in the lobby or public restroom. The Great Hall of Social Media Gaffes, you see, is reserved for airlines tweeting nude photos, or executives posting culturally insensitive comments on their Facebook.

And yet, I think this little goof will stick with me. It's like for a brief moment a corporate account was run by someone with a sense of humor! Good Morning America left the tweet live for two hours, which leaves us with a question: does Good Morning America really not know Mufasa is dead? My pal Russell Brandom speculates that in this GIF, perhaps we are Simba and it's Good Morning America we are trying to wake from the deepest sleep of all: denial. What is life like in a post-Mufasa world?

Anyway, the GIF has finally been pulled. Y'all deserve something happier after that heavy tweet. So share this story if this was you this morning!