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Showtime's stand-alone service will also launch on Roku and PlayStation

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No Apple exclusives here

Unlike HBO Now, which debuted exclusively on Apple devices, Showtime's stand-alone subscription service will be available on Roku at launch. Today the company announced that subscriptions for Showtime — yes, it's simply named after the channel — will be available through Roku's various devices (plus Roku TVs) and also Sony's PlayStation Vue service. At this stage, Roku is obviously a much bigger partner for Showtime's effort. Just as with Apple devices, Showtime will cost $10.99 per month.

Showtime is emphasizing that no one company has an exclusive at launch; all three partners (Apple, Roku, and Sony) will debut the service simultaneously on the same date in early July. Showtime isn't yet saying exactly when that will be, only promising that it will come before the season premieres of Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan. Showtime is also eager to point out another difference between its stand-alone service and HBO Now: Showtime will broadcast both East and West Coast live feeds to subscribers.