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See the best Grand Theft Auto city recreated in GTA 5

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Yes, Vice City is the best Grand Theft Auto

A Grand Theft Auto 5 modder has published a video that shows the world of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City running in the GTA 5 engine. The unfinished mod is a mishmash of new and old, high-quality lighting effects bouncing off low-resolution textures. It's not the prettiest mod, not yet, but it's an impressive rough draft considering Rockstar's open-world game has only been on PC for a few months.

This is the second time Vice City has been rebuilt in a newer Grand Theft Auto. In 2013, taltigolt also published footage of "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rage" for GTA 4 (below). The franchise's official return to Vice City remains a popular rumor amongst longtime fans, especially around the annual E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles.