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iOS 9 has a hidden iCloud Drive app

iOS 9 has a hidden iCloud Drive app


The closest thing you'll get to iOS file management

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Apple's vision for file management on iOS has always been to let things happen behind the scenes with minimal user input, but with iOS 9 the company appears to be making at least a small concession to those who feel more comfortable delving into folders and files themselves. 9to5Mac and MacRumors report that iOS 9 has an optional iCloud Drive app that lets users manage their iCloud files, much like they can on the web or with the Finder on Mac computers.

Update: Read the iOS 9 review.

The app is apparently optional and needs to be switched on in Settings before it appears on the home screen, so Apple likely doesn't plan to make it a core part of the iOS experience. But the app could make iCloud Drive a more usable alternative to competing cloud services like Dropbox, giving users a more familiar and traditional way to handle their files and saved data from other apps.