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Apple's HomeKit will light up new and old Philips Hue products this fall

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Integration with HomeKit means controlling lightbulbs via Siri

Apple's HomeKit platform has been a bit of a slow burner so far, but things might finally be hotting up. Philips announced yesterday that its Hue smart lighting range will be coming to the platform some time "this fall," although the company hasn't provided any details on what exactly this entails. Apple announced a bunch of new tricks for HomeKit at WWDC though, and if Hue lights are integrated into the platform then users should be able to use Siri to control the 16 million colors in the smart LED lights before the end of the year.

Philips says "more details" are coming this September, but is promising that any updates won't make old Hue products obsolete. "The solution we are working on will work with all your existing and new Hue lights," said the company on its Facebook page. This might mean new software or a new Hue hub but either way, it should be good news for users: Philips' smart lights are solid products but are often fiddly to use everyday. It's also another step towards HomeKit becoming a more meaningful product.