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Watch the trailer for IOM TT, an inside look at motorcycling's most intense race

Watch the trailer for IOM TT, an inside look at motorcycling's most intense race

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An all-star crew has assembled on the Isle of Man this year to film IOM TT, which promises to be one of the most beautiful and in-depth looks at one of the deadliest races in the world. An annual event that's taken place for over a century, the TT is a complex road course that spans the majority of its namesake isle, where top-tier superbikes and their riders go all-out — often just inches away homes and people. On-board footage from motorcycles in the race can be terrifying enough to make you queasy.

IOM TT's crew includes Chris Kippenberger of Studio Kippenberger (Jalopnik has a great writeup on his many talents), Robert Eder (whose credits include the trailer for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit), and Luke Huxham, who previously shot Underground Hero, a lovely short film on the wild cars of Japan's underworld. From the trailer, Huxham's latest effort looks to be just as amazing.

(Stephen Clarke)

"People talk about it, but very few know and comprehend what [the TT] actually is, how it works and how nuts it is. The proximity of death is all around, it's like something people talk about like another cousin who might pop in... it's weird. First day we shot a French rider [who] died running straight into a wall. No one knows why and how," say Kippenberger and producer Daniel Siegler, who just wrapped filming last weekend, in an email to The Verge.

IOM TT launches on Vimeo on-demand June 26th as a $4.99 rental.