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Netflix is reviving Degrassi

Netflix is reviving Degrassi

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Degrassi isn't disappearing — it's just starting a new chapter. Last week it was announced that MTV Canada and TeenNick had cancelled the long-running high school drama, but now Netflix is bringing it back in yet another incarnation. The new show is called Degrassi: Next Class, and it's supposed to arrive on Netflix in early 2016. Aside from Canada, Australia, and France, Netflix will be the exclusive home of Next Class. In Canada, it'll be carried on Family.

It's exclusive to Netflix in most locations

There aren't a lot of details yet, but Family says that a number of existing cast members will be returning. If we're very lucky, maybe Netflix will dig deep into its pockets to get a cameo from Drake.

Next Class is being targeted to the same age group that Degrassi has always gone after, but that age group is comprised of a new audience at this point, as the producers behind the show point out. They say they're now looking to "tell stories for the new post-millennial teen cohort known as Generation Z, most of whom weren't even born when Degrassi returned in 2001." If you're a post-millennial, be sure to check out Next Class when it debuts on Netflix, which is like a widescreen Snapchat.