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Instagram is launching a redesigned website with bigger photos

Instagram is launching a redesigned website with bigger photos

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Instagram's website is about to look much nicer. It's introducing a new web design on desktop and mobile this week that cleans up the page and makes photos much bigger than they are now. Most noticeable is the change to profile pages on the desktop, which will begin displaying three large images in each row, rather than the five smaller images it displays right now. The grid of cover images is gone at the top, and it's also doing away with a lot of the borders and rounded edges and getting on board with circular profile pics — basically, it's playing catch up to Instagram's app, but it looks like a great, if overdue, update.

The new profiles pages actually look a lot like VSCO Grid pages because of their simplicity. Really, it wouldn't be surprising if the gorgeous photos being posted on VSCO made Instagram want to finally update its site to give its huge network of photographers a better place to display their images. The new layout will be present on hashtag pages as well, and similar design updates will be present on the desktop feed and mobile profiles. Instagram says that the pages are starting to roll out today and should be visible to everyone by the end of the week.


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