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Google Maps now lets you send places from desktop to your iPhone

Google Maps now lets you send places from desktop to your iPhone

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Android users have been able to take advantage of the handy "send to device" feature in Google Maps since April, and now the same functionality has arrived on iOS. The latest version of Google Maps, now in the App Store, lets you send any place you search for with Google Maps on your desktop browser right to an iPhone or iPad. Your phone receives it as a notifcation, and once you tap on it, the mobile app will automatically take you to that spot.

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To activate the feature, first you'll need to enable it in the settings menu for Google Maps on iOS. Inside the notifications section is a new option to allow notifications "sent from desktop apps." Turn that on, and so long as you're signed into the same Google account everywhere, a new "Send to device" option will appear on desktop. Tap that, select the phone or tablet you're sending the location to, and you're done. Pretty simple, pretty great. (And yes, Apple Maps for OS X can do the same thing if you prefer that option.) The latest Google Maps iOS update also lets you edit business hours from your phone and makes it easier to view reviews and photos you've taken.

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