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Oculus leaks old mockups of a consumer Rift on its event countdown page

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Oculus is getting the jump on E3 this year by holding a June 11th press conference. When it set up a countdown on its site, though, it might have revealed more than it intended. A few enterprising fans dug up images buried in the code — images that, at first glance, look like the design for a final Oculus Rift. That includes a headset, an external camera, a "vrOS," and a remote-like controller that would ship with the device. Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey has even confirmed that the images are real. But we still don't know how much they tell us about the real consumer Rift.

"This is an old placeholder concept image that we accidentally leaked. Everything in it is ancient, certainly nowhere close to final," Luckey wrote on Reddit. "Enjoy checking it out, at this point, but don't expect everything to carry through to the stream on the 11th." Oculus has every reason to play down the images, but in this case, there are a few signs that we're looking at something old and unfinished. As Luckey points out in his comment, one image suggests pairing the Rift with some relatively outdated PC parts, compared to the high-end specs it's since announced. The field of view is set to a placeholder, which is slightly odd given that it's consistently hovered around 100 degrees. The whole render looks a little flat compared to the promotional images we've seen.

Some things, however, do match up pretty well. The rear view of the render is very similar to the one on Oculus' official countdown page, shown on top here:

Oculus Leak

The bottom-up view of the official press shot (left) and the leaked render also aren't too far off:

Oculus Leak

The images in the background of these shots, incidentally, are primarily from the demo Oculus used to show off Crescent Bay in September of 2014. A couple of them hint at something more recent: one is a shot from Oculus' VR short film Lost, which was announced early this year, and another is an ad for the Gear VR Insurgent tie-in, which appeared in February.

There are two big differences between what we've seen and what was just leaked. First, there's a camera at the bottom of the leaked Rift render. The fact that it seems angled downwards, as at least one Redditor has pointed out, suggests that it's a hand-tracking sensor rather than a simple camera — in other words, a built-in version of the Leap Motion OSVR headplate. The camera is distinctly absent on the official Rift images, so either this was a potential feature that Oculus decided against incorporating, or (in a less likely development) Oculus has been deliberately hiding its existence.

Second, the leaked images say every Rift will come with "the Rift headset, the Rift tracker [its external camera], the SID (Simple Input Device), a gamepad, and cables." The Simple Input Device, as (it appears) seen below, looks like a small remote control with a trackpad very similar to the one on Valve's gamepad. Beyond that, though, it doesn't seem to have much beyond volume controls and a "back" button; it's sort of like the Gear VR's integrated controls wrapped into a separate piece of hardware. Frankly, it doesn't look like a lot of fun, but Oculus has said before that it's splitting its attention between long-term solutions and short-term stopgaps for controls, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Oculus Leak

Sadly, a price wasn't leaked as part of these images, although a partnership with NewEgg is mentioned (Oculus and Samsung already sell their Gear VR headset through Best Buy). Oculus has previously said that the consumer Rift and a PC capable of running it will cost under $1,500.