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Snapchat makes logging in more secure with two-factor authentication

Snapchat makes logging in more secure with two-factor authentication


And iOS users can switch cameras while recording a video snap

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Snapchat's making it a bit easier to keep your account (and all the snaps contained within) secure. The app's most recent update on Android and iOS adds the ability to enable two-factor authentication. Once switched on inside the settings menu, login verification requires that you enter a six-digit code upon signing in from any device you haven't used before. Snapchat will text this temporary code to the phone number linked with your account, a popular security move that should substantially lessen the odds of someone hijacking or otherwise gaining unauthorized access to your account.

Once you've set up the feature, you can also create a recovery code to keep someplace safe in the event that you lose or somehow break your phone. The latest update also makes it possible to switch between rear and front cameras while recording a video, although this one seems exclusive to iOS for now. Both versions of the app have also added a battery filter in case for whatever reason you feel like sharing your full (or almost dead) battery status with a big, cartoonish overlay.