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Here's a very unofficial way to listen to Beats 1 on Android devices

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Apple's worldwide radio station Beats 1 launched yesterday alongside the company's new streaming service, but it's currently only available for iOS, OS X, and Windows users — the Apple Music app won't arrive on Android until this fall. However, there is a workaround. Simply click here to listen to a live stream of Beats 1 which works on Android devices running Android 4.1 or later, iOS devices running iOS 6 or later, and OS X machines using the Safari browser. We've tested the live stream successfully on all these devices, but be warned: the service is far from reliable.

The site was put together by Twitter user Benji R, who describes it as "very unofficial," and says that he simply "managed to find an unencrypted HLS [HTTP Live Streaming] URL" of Beats 1. There's no great feat of hacking involved here, but we can still expect the whole thing to get shut down pretty soon. But if you don't have an Apple device and really, really want to hear Zane Lowe talk about the "freewheeling nature of creativity," it's your only option for now.