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Unreleased iPods appear in latest version of iTunes

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Some hawk-eyed users (and MacRumors) have noticed something interesting in iTunes 12.2: iPods that don't exist yet. The latest version of Apple's desktop music software, released yesterday, contains an image of the iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle, with all three devices coated in colors that aren't part of the current lineup. The iPod touch is seen in dark blue, the nano in gold, and the shuffle in hot pink.

On the outside, everything else about these iPods is identical to the products that Apple sells today. This suggests that Apple may be planning a fairly mild refresh of its music players for this fall. It makes sense, as the current roster of iPods hasn't seen any color updates in several years. In the case of the iPod touch, the big question is what's inside. Apple's entry iOS device is lagging badly behind the iPhone and iPad in power and speed at this point, so a new processor could do the device wonders. The most likely release timeframe for these would be in September, so they could debut alongside Apple's rumored iPhone 6S.