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You can remotely start your Hyundai with your Apple Watch now

You can remotely start your Hyundai with your Apple Watch now

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After launching its Android Wear app earlier this year, Hyundai is taking its Blue Link connected car platform to the obvious next destination: the Apple Watch. The Watch-compatible Blue Link app is now in the iOS App Store, offering seemingly all of the same features that are on the Android Wear version — remote engine start and stop, remote door lock and unlock, remote light flashing, and a car finder with a map, among other things. All features can be activated by voice, because — let's be honest — there's nothing better than starting your engine by talking to your wrist.

The advent of the mainstream smartwatch has kicked off debates nationwide about their impact on distracted driving, but many watch apps in development from automakers — Blue Link included — sidestep the issue because they're primarily intended to control vehicle functions remotely, not be used while driving. (In fact, it doesn't seem like there are any features of this app that are useful while the car is in motion.) It's similar in principle to BMW's i Remote (compatible with the i3 and i8 electric and hybrid models) and the Apple Watch functionality inside Volkswagen's Car-Net and Porsche's Car Connect. Over the course of the next few months, many additional automakers will inevitably roll out their own takes on the wearable remote concept.

The updated Blue Link app is compatible with all Blue Link-equipped cars, going back to the 2012 Sonata.