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Paul Thomas Anderson is writing a Pinocchio movie for Robert Downey Jr.

Paul Thomas Anderson is writing a Pinocchio movie for Robert Downey Jr.

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Pinocchio is not the next movie you would expect from the director of There Will Be Blood and Boogie Nights, but it's apparently happening. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Thomas Anderson is writing a new draft of a Pinocchio adaptation, and he may end up directing it, too.

Robert Downey Jr. has reportedly been developing the film for years and plans to star as Geppetto. He'd be a great actor to put in front of Anderson's camera, even if the subject matter and tone are a bit of a departure from the director's previous films. Downey reportedly planned to star in Anderson's most recent movie, Inherent Vice, before dropping out to shoot Age of Ultron.

Your favorite fairy tale is probably getting a live action remake

Anderson's script won't be entirely original. Several other writers, including Bryan Fuller and Jane Goldman, have made earlier drafts, and even Downey is said to have put some work into it. Now production on the film is apparently kicking into high gear over at Warner Bros. after seeing how successful live action films based classic kids' stories can be. Disney has done great with this type of adaption, most recently with Cinderella. That's why in recent months, basically every classic fairy tale you can name has been picked up as a live action film. Sofia Coppola was even supposed to do The Little Mermaid, although she later dropped off of the project.

Anderson still seems like an odd choice for Pinocchio, although he's very much not set as its director yet. As a writer, Anderson's help is hard to argue with. His scripts are consistently smart and compelling, and he does love to work with father–son relationships. It's not stated when Warner Bros. would like to have this film out in theaters, but it seems like the project now has the momentum to get there.