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Beyoncé cares about marriage equality but not the 24-hour news cycle

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'Never Too Late'


When the news that marriage equality had become the law of land hit on Friday morning, only the truly righteous didn't instinctively check the social media feeds of their favorite celebrities. The Game of Thrones account celebrated in style, Kacey Musgraves (aka liberal queen of country music) was excited in all caps, and Harry Styles was present and accounted for. But a few notable celebs seemed to have missed the memo.

Around 3PM Verge staffers started wondering where Macklemore's response was ("#whenwillMacklemoreland"), and Taylor Swift didn't share this self-aggrandizing tweet until 5:31PM ET:

But the biggest tastemaker in the world, the woman who reignited our love for watermelon liquorSkittles, and Nicki Minaj's toes, remained silent until about 2PM today.

Beyoncé finally graced us with her opinion on marriage equality via an Instagram post in which she GIF-ed herself running through no less than seven different rainbow-themed outfits, three different brightly colored wigs, 12 dazzling grins, and, at one point, a tricycle.

Thank god we finally know how Queen Bey feels about the landmark court ruling! And of course, a Queen is never late.

Never Too Late #LoveWins ❤️

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