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Fatal Attraction TV reboot will bring bunny boiling to the small screen

Psychological thrillers of the past are coming back to haunt our TVs. In addition to new versions of ScreamThe X-Files, and Twin PeaksDeadline today revealed that Fatal Attraction — the 1987 movie that spawned the term "bunny-boiler" — is also getting a small-screen reboot. Fox is adapting the film for a one-hour "event TV" series, based on a script by Mad Men writers Maria and Andre Jacquemetton. There's no word yet on who will star in the show.

The original Fatal Attraction features Michael Douglas as a married attorney who starts an inadvisable affair with a publishing executive, played by Glenn Close. He attempts to return to his regular life after a weekend away, but finds that she's not so willing to give up on their relationship without a fight, even if it means murdering a few family pets along the way. The show comes as other companies are also mining psychological thrillers for small-screen ideas — HBO, for example, is currently adapting Leonardo DiCaprio's 2010 chiller Shutter Island for the TV.