New trailers: Mockingjay Part 2, Goosebumps, Doctor Who, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


Comic-Con is just getting started, and we're already starting to see trailers from some of the top names in film and TV. It's a surprisingly light load so far, but you can expect more to arrive as we move into the weekend. For now, take a look at the nine best trailers to arrive this week.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

This isn't really a trailer, but how much better would it be if all films made awesome promo videos like The Hunger Games did? The newest is an impressive military march that ends with Jennifer Lawrence strolling in looking like she's ready to rip someone apart. We're ready for it. The film comes out November 20th.


Goosebumps' meta approach to taking on Goosebumps is pretty wonderful. Everything else? Well, that depends on what you're looking for out of it. It's distinctly a kids movie, but there's still plenty of nostalgia to be had for anyone who remembers R.L. Stine's monsters. It'll be out October 16th.

Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi is nearly back as the Doctor. The new season starts September 19th, and a first trailer for it debuted today alongside the cast's panel at Comic-Con. Even if you're not a Doctor Who fan, there's just plenty of cool sci-fi stuff going on in there.

Con Man

Alan Tudyk is taking his post-Firefly convention life and turning it into a comedy series on the web. The show debuted a long first look this week during a panel at Comic-Con, and it seems like a lot of fun. Basically every nerd figure who you'd expect to be in Tudyk's friend group shows up as a star or co-star, and Tudyk certainly hopes to make more. The initial run begins September 30th, and there'll be 12 10-minute episodes in all.


Bryan Cranston is heading back to comedy with an animated web series on Crackle. The show comes from the studio behind Robot Chicken, so if you're into that style of humor, this one is probably worth paying attention to. If you're not, go ahead and pass. It starts this fall.

Chris Tucker Live

Netflix has grabbed Chris Tucker's first standup special. It's only promoted this minute-long clip so far, but it's a good sign that Tucker is bringing all of the energy to the stage that audiences love to see from him. It comes out today, so you should already be able to start streaming.

The Finest Hours

Disney has a new thriller coming out starring Chris Pine as a 1950s Coast Guard captain who heads out into a storm to save a ravaged ship. But the real story here isn't Pine or Disney: it's Craig Gillespie, the film's director. There's good reason to believe he can turn this into something special. We'll find out next year; it's out on January 29th.


Save your hipster jokes. Brooklyn is about an Irish immigrant in 1950s Brooklyn who's bouncing between different cultures, including her own family as they try to bring her back to Ireland. The film got great reviews out of Sundance, and it'll be out in theaters November 6th.


This one's for those of you with a "Paul Giamatti" Google alert.

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