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The Walking Dead trailer for season 6 has Rick looking bloody and brutal

The Walking Dead is always a big hit at Comic-Con, and today the team behind the show took the opportunity to show off the first trailer for the upcoming sixth season. Because this is The Walking Dead, everything is vaguely miserable, horrible, and unsettling, but it looks like the season will really be doubling down on Rick Grimes' transformation. He basically looks like a blood-covered madman for most of the trailer, and every single character seems to notice.

It's a power dynamic that could provide for a lot of rich terrain to explore in the new season, which showrunner Scott Gimple promised would have less flashbacks than the last season — something that fans either seemed to really love, or really not — but the show's momentum only appears to be growing. The new season will have its 90-minute premiere at Madison Square Garden, ensuring that the debut will be about as hyped as a television season premiere can get. The new season of The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC on October 11th.

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