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My baby monitor just produced a paranormal horror movie

My baby monitor just produced a paranormal horror movie


He's multiplying

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I have a Withings Smart Baby Monitor at my house that my wife and I use to keep track of our young son. When it's nap time and he's not in the mood for a rest, he gets into all kinds of mischief. It's great to be able to see what he's up to and intervene when necessary.

Today, however, my wife sent me a screenshot of the video feed that explained a lot. Apparently while we think he is goofing off in his room, my son is actually dividing into two distinct versions of himself that carry on simultaneous lives until the moment I open the door.

ollie doppelganger

It's clear from these images which one is good and which one is evil. His better half is sitting in bed quietly reading, while the devil on his shoulder is yanking a tapestry off the wall. It's tough to take a nap when your doppelgänger is up to so much mischief.

If anyone has experience with demonic possession and can recommend a good course of action, I'm all ears. In the meantime I'm going to reset the Wi-Fi router.

P.S. As I was preparing to publish the post I realized that in at least one of these images, the replicants are wearing different outfits. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

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