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Duncan Jones is handing out Twinkies to people waiting overnight in the Comic-Con line

It's past one in the morning out here in San Diego, where thousands of Comic-Con attendees are camped outside of the Convention Center for a chance at getting into Saturday's biggest panels. It's a dull and unpleasant journey, but some attendees may just find a bright spot in the middle of the night: Warcraft director Duncan Jones and photographer Rodene Jones are walking along the line handing out Twinkies, Swiss Rolls, and other junk food so that people have some energy to make it through the night.

"Pre-Warcraft, we did it as fans."

"Pre-Warcraft, we did it as fans," Duncan says. Rodene adds: "We did it because we know the pain."

The couple say they were out here doing the same thing last year, and it's easy to realize how positive the response must be. The people out in that line have been there for almost 12 hours now — if not longer. At this point, they're cold, tired, and could use a pick-me-up.

You'd think that people at Comic-Con would be equally excited at a chance to talk to the director of Warcraft. But I guess when you walk around with shopping bags in the middle of a dark park, people are also a little weirded out. Their loss.