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The first Ash vs. Evil Dead trailer is ridiculous and gory

The series premieres October 31st at 9PM

Sam Raimi's television follow-up to the cult horror classic The Evil Dead is starting to feel a little more un-dead. Uh, alive, that is. The 10-episode series just got its first trailer, and it's a doozy.

Bruce Campbell's Ash is back in action as a deadite hunter, doing insane things like starting a chainsaw with his teeth, using strange metaphors to make a point, and really, just making one big bloody mess. To anyone who's seen the original movie, this will sound just about right. Lucy Lawless will also appear in the series as a naysayer who thinks Ash is responsible for the Evil attacks.

The series will premiere on Starz on October 31st (that's Halloween) at 9PM.

Correction, July 12th, 8:56AM: An earlier version of this story referred to the creatures as zombies, not deadites. Truly sorry.