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Zack Snyder rolled up to Comic-Con in the Batmobile last night

Zack Snyder rolled up to Comic-Con in the Batmobile last night

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Imagine, for a moment, that you're one of the thousands in the Hall H line at Comic-Con waiting for the Warner Bros. Batman v. Superman panel. It's midnight; you've been waiting for over 10 hours already, and you've got another 10 hours to go before the panel begins. Then, you hear a rumbling in the distance — you turn around and see the Batmobile driving down the street, piloted by none other than director Zack Snyder.

What would you do? Admit it, you'd freak out.

That's precisely what happened late last night, just after midnight in San Diego. Snyder pulled up with a police escort, hopped out of his slick ride, and started tossing T-shirts into the sea of people. And, yes, people lost their minds. Over T-shirts.

Want proof? Just check out the video above. That's what the Hall H line does to people.

It's a fun bit of fan service for DC Comics devotees, but it doesn't take the cake: that'd have to go to Disney for its surprise Star Wars concert last night for all panel attendees.

The Warner Bros. panel for Batman v. Superman kicks off at 10:30AM PT today — we'll have all the latest news for you then.