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We drew the Warcraft Comic-Con trailer you're not supposed to see

Here at Comic-Con, it’s common for movie studios to hype up their newest projects with cast panels and special footage that’s never seen outside the walls of Hall H. It makes sitting inside the massive venue a special moment — but it’s also frustrating for fans who may never know what attendees have seen.

One example this weekend was the Legendary Pictures panel. Not only did the company show secret teaser trailers for Krampus and Crimson Peak, but it also took the wraps off an extended preview of Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie. In this particular case, there’s actually a decent reason why it’s not available online: the presentation took place on three different screens, with a near 270-degree field of view.

Still, you no doubt want to see it, and I’m here to help. With the aid of a Uniball Signo Micro 207 pen and a Moleskine notebook, I’ve recreated the trailer for you. So sit back, open your mind, and enter the world of Warcraft.


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