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Watch the raunchy and ridiculous Deadpool Comic-Con panel

The word going around is that the trailer for the Ryan Reynolds-starring Deadpool was one of the most exciting parts of this year's Comic-Con. Our own Casey Newton called it "spectacularly violent and profane." Unfortunately, you won't see the trailer in this video of yesterday's Deadpool panel (you can find low-quality leaks if you really want to), but you will hear some other profane stuff.

This isn't an information-packed panel — T.J. Miller starts talking about horse fucking at the beginning, and that creates a ripple effect of goofy chaos — but everyone seems happy and friendly and excited about whatever the heck they've created. We'll find out in February of next year.

And if that's not enough superhero spandex for you, you can watch the G-rated, but still strange X-Men: Apocalypse panel below.

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