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Listen to Tame Impala's new album Currents

Listen to Tame Impala's new album Currents


It's out July 17th via Interscope

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Australia's psychedelic candy boys Tame Impala are gearing up to release their third studio LP, Currents, next week on Interscope. But you can listen to the entire 13-track album today, thanks to an early stream from NPR.

Currents sounds woozier than much of what Tame Impala has done before; frontman Kevin Parker sheds some of his Janis Joplin lilt for an airier, more seductive tone. Of course, the heels-up-on-the-dashboard, long-hair-out-the-window vibe is still there. Album opener "Let it Happen" warps literal finger snaps around a stadium rock guitar solo; "Cause I'm a Man" stretches Parker's falsetto like taffy around jazzy lounge percussion. It's Tame Impala all right, but a Tame Impala that seems to be trading in its paisley slacks for velvet blazers (at least on the weekends).