Comic-Con trailer roundup: Star Wars, Superman, and a whole lot of zombies

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This past week San Diego Comic-Con attendees got a look at some of the biggest projects Hollywood is working on — and that meant a whole lot of trailers. The behind-the-scenes reel for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer were no doubt the biggest hits, but there were a ton of other clips released during the convention. Ranging from a dance number promoting the Hunger Games to Bruce Campbell swinging his chainsaw against the Evil Dead, there was a lot to take in, so we've assembled it all for your right here.

Star Wars behind-the-scenes reel

One of the most intriguing things about this featurette is how little new footage it shows — even the opening slates are taken from shots that were in last year’s teaser trailer. But the music echoes the sense of optimism that fans are feeling, and overall it drives home the point that the filmmakers have been emphasizing: they made this movie as a callback to the originals, with visuals and effects to match. Also: Simon Pegg!

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Here’s what we know: Batman has a very personal reason for wanting to go after Superman. Wonder Woman looks like a force to be reckoned with. Lex Luthor has some really questionable hair.

Suicide Squad

Originally this Hall H clip was filed under "things you can't see until further notice," much like Legendary's Warcraft trailer. Given that we don't live in 1997, however, leaked footage of the clip made it online, prompting director David Ayer to get mad on Twitter and release the footage to the rest of the world. If that wasn't just the real plan all along.

Game of Thrones audition reel

Before Gwendoline Christie was Brienne of Tarth, she was an actor vying for the role of Brienne of Tarth. HBO’s reel gives us a look at the auditions for some of the show’s most beloved (and loathed) characters. My personal favorite? Carice van Houten summoning the Lord of Light for her Melisandre audition… before realizing she messed up her lines.

Heroes Reborn

Heroes blew people away when it debuted in 2006, though it quickly cooled off in the minds of many fans. This trailer for its revival plays things close to the vest — but there’s a surprise waiting at the end.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part Two dance party

When something strikes the perfect tone, it just works — no matter how random it might be. Though I was wondering what this would look like if they were all doing the "Thriller" dance.

The Walking Dead season 6

The Walking Dead likes putting audiences into an uncomfortable place, and then slowly, methodically squeezing until they reach the breaking point. The new season, which kicks off October 11th with a 90-minute episode, looks to be staying very true to form.

Fear the Walking Dead

In most zombie movies or TV shows, the outbreak lasts for the first act and then things hustle along to people dealing with the aftermath. For AMC’s prequel series, the network seems to be going in the opposite direction: taking time to dwell in the confusion and horror of a world falling apart, one life at a time.

Ash vs. Evil Dead

If you like the original Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, or Army of Darkness, this trailer will make you grin uncontrollably — for both its gory audacity and the ridiculousness that Bruce Campbell is able to pull off. If you haven’t seen those films, stop now, and watch all three. I’ll be waiting.

Doctor Who series 9

So, Doctor Who is great, and Peter Capaldi is doing fine, and this trailer has lots of lovely shots of the TARDIS and Jenna Coleman looking concerned. But the tease at the end… what have we here?

A first look at the Sherlock special

If there’s one constant in the universe, it’s that Benedict Cumberbatch is always eminently watchable, even if he’s playing a version of Sherlock Holmes in Victorian England. (Wha?) I’m still thinking over Martin Freeman’s mustache.

The Man From UNCLE

Let’s be honest — it’s been super easy to dismiss this movie. The Man From UNCLE isn’t the most beloved of properties, and there’s been more than a few spy movie riffs lately. But Guy Ritchie is also the man that directed Snatch, so I’m holding out hope for this one. I’ll probably regret it.


The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman isn’t just into zombies — he likes to dabble in demonic possession, too. This new Starz series is based on his comic of the same name, and features Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous, Gone Girl) as a man who… well, you’ll get the idea.

The Man in the High Castle

The basic premise of this Philip K. Dick TV adaptation is that the Axis powers were victorious in World War II, leading to a world where Germany and Japan each rule over half of the former United States. While the pilot didn’t blow us away, there’s a lot to play with if Amazon gets the rest of the series right.

Rock the Kasbah

Bill Murray kicked off Comic-Con on Thursday with a surprise appearance in Hall H, talking about his upcoming Barry Levinson comedy. He plays a rock manager that finds himself stuck in Afghanistan, and apparently Danny McBride is there acting like Danny McBride.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III — Shadows of Evil

If two Walking Dead shows weren’t enough, Comic-Con had even more zombies. "Shadows of Evil" is a zombie-themed co-op mode for Black Ops III set in the 1940s. How does that tie into the rest of the game’s futuristic cyber-soldier concepts? Stop asking questions.

Lego Dimensions: Doctor Who

What matches up with Doc Brown’s time traveling DeLorean? The TARDIS, of course. Doctor Who joins Lego Dimensions in what’s shaping up to be the biggest IP-palooza this side of Disney Infinity.


When I think of Comic-Con trailers I want to share, Crackle isn’t the first network that comes to mind. That is, unless it’s for a totally inappropriate puppet show starring Bryan Cranston as a washed-up superhero named Titanium Rex.

Just go ahead and watch.

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