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Windows 10's new retail packaging could be the last ever

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Microsoft is around two weeks away from releasing the final version of Windows 10 to the world, and now the retail packaging for its new operating system has leaked. Originally revealed by German site WinFuture, the box art for Windows 10 is a rather simple affair. While Windows 8 displayed Microsoft’s new Windows logo prominently at the center of its packaging, the Windows 10 box art focuses on the new light-powered Windows 10 wallpaper. It’s a little less obscure than the colorful Windows 8 packaging, and it also shows potential owners exactly what Windows 10 looks like.

Microsoft is also producing USB drive copies of Windows 10 this time around, and the box art for these versions will just include blue or purple Windows logos. Despite the boxes, this could be the final time we’ll see this type of packaging for Windows. Microsoft is moving towards a "Windows as a service" model where it’s expected that everyone will receive updates via an internet connection. Some Microsoft employees refer to Windows 10 as the last version for that exact reason, and it’s likely that the future of Windows releases will be distributed solely over the internet. If you want a Windows collectors item then you’ll be able to pick up boxed copies of Windows 10 later this year. Windows 10 packaged versions won’t be available on the July 29th launch day, but everyone else can upgrade through an online process.