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Why can’t I stop watching this video of a piano being shaved?

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Oh nothing...

I have a secret that I need to share with you: the subreddit r/youtubehaiku is a goldmine.

I found the video above while browsing my customized Reddit homepage this morning, and I’ve watched it over 20 times. But why?

Let’s break it down: in 8 seconds, you’re serenaded not only by a mysterious hand, gracefully shaving a keyboard, but also an enigmatic, beautiful voice singing three glorious words: "shaving my piano."

Who is this man? Why is he shaving a keyboard? Is this secretly the best ad for Gillette that the company itself doesn't know exists? After a quick investigation of bill wurtz's (the author of the YouTube video) channel, I've discovered even more. Take a look at some of his videos, and tell me how they make you feel.

"Shaving my piano" calms me down. "Shaving my piano" gives me hope. Fills me with joy. Removes any uncertainties I have in life. I am one with the piano.