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Use Siri to turn your iPhone into a rude little sound effects machine

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Here’s a tip: ask Siri to "play the sound of laughter." After a few seconds of thought, she’ll access the Apple Music library subscription you’re currently enjoying for free and play the sound of laughter from one of the many sound effects collections available to stream. Go ahead, try some of the following:

Hey Siri, play the sound of...

  • farts
  • sad trombone
  • a chipmunk laugh
  • applause
  • a crowd booing
  • footsteps
  • a heartbeat
  • a laser
  • bees buzzing
  • a space computer
  • shattered glass
  • pain
  • the ocean
  • space
  • silence

Not every sound effect in the Apple Music library is available for streaming. But there's certainly enough for the merry prankster to have some fun. Let us know your favorite discoveries in the comments below.