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T-Mobile's new family plan gives four people 10GB each for $120

T-Mobile's new family plan gives four people 10GB each for $120

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The latest news in T-Mobile's series of Uncarrier Amped announcements is a revamped family plan that gives each person 10GB of data at what the company claims are "unbeatable" prices. A two-person family can now sign up for $100, with 10GB of LTE data allocated to each person — there's no sharing or pooling of data with T-Mobile's new family plans, which could be good or bad depending on your family's usage habits. After that, you can add additional family members for $20, with each getting the same 10GB of data.

But T-Mobile is trying to sweeten the pot with a temporary, promotional offer: if you've got a family of four, the last line will be tossed in at no cost. So you're paying $120 — the same you'd be paying for three people. As T-Mobile is happy to highlight, that works out to $30 per line for four people, which is significantly cheaper than most plans from the big two.

The free line offer is available to customers who sign up for (or switch to) T-Mobile's new family plan before Labor Day, and the carrier claims there's no expiration date on the promotion. T-Mobile will begin offering the new Simple Choice family plans in stores and by phone tomorrow, July 15th, with online sales to follow "in the next few weeks." All of the Uncarrier benefits — music freedom, data stash, etc. — apply, and T-Mobile says customers can also partake in its Jump upgrade program while on this plan. And if you tether often, that's supported, too.