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The new Fantastic Four trailer is big on super powers, super villains, and dramatic editing

The best editing is rarely acknowledged. The effect on an audience is almost subconscious, coaxing our emotions with the way shots shift from one the next.  Here's a great list of well-edited movies, movies that without drawing attention to the craft, use editing to tell a story.

With that in mind, the latest Fantastic Four trailer is anything but subtle. In fact, it's so heavy on using the fade in transition that I almost wonder if the editors had a bet to see how many times they could show complete black in a 166-second trailer (the answer is over 32, by the way, or about one fade every 5 seconds). True, this isn't the only blockbuster action trailer that uses fading a bit too much, but it's definitely one of the more obvious examples.

Fade in... now fade in... now fade out... then fade back in

Originally shown to the Hall H survivors of Comic-Con, what you do get to see clearly is everyone's powers, including Reed Richard's stretched-out arms and multiple shots of Doctor Doom. There's an ominous voiceover, presumably by Reg E. Cathy (playing Johnny and Sue Storm's dad): "Sometimes you're looking to discover one thing, then you find something else."

Admittedly, this footage does get me more intrigued about Fantastic Four, but this trailer's editing... If you really need the variety, maybe try using a wipe or iris next time.

Fantastic Four hits theaters August 7th.