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Why you need to know about beauty vlogging, the powerful format taking over YouTube

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Sometimes I'm ashamed by the pockets of the internet I manage to overlook until a friend holds them right in front of me. I knew beauty vlogging was a thing, for example, but I didn't grasp how or why the video format attracts millions of viewers. Nor had I considered the positive impact beauty vlogging has had both on its stars and its fans. I made one of life's easiest mistakes: I ignored something simply because it wasn't made just for me.

To learn about beauty vlogging, I spoke with Racked's features editor Julia Rubin. Her writing is some of my favorite across Vox Media, including features on Hello Kitty, American Girl, and Barbie's Instagram account. Maybe you're like me, and beauty vlogging is one of your tech blindspots. If so, we're both lucky to have someone nice enough not to laugh us out of the room, and provide some overdue enlightenment.

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