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Tivo finally lets you AirPlay your recorded content to your Apple TV

TiVo is catching up with the times

One of the biggest complaints TiVo users have had is the lack of AirPlay in TiVo's iOS app. Well thanks to an update rolling out today, Tivo users will be able to mirror their content onto an Apple TV, first spotted by TechCrunch. TiVo customers with the Roamio or Premiere DVR can stream content from their iOS device to an Apple TV on the same network.

This update comes on the heels of TiVo Online, which lets customers stream live and recorded content through the web (it doesn't work on mobile browsers). It's clear that TiVo is chasing a younger demographic, but with every cable company offering DVRs with similar features and the growing rise of cord-cutting, it would be shocking if these moves managed to change the perception of TiVo as an increasingly outdated service.