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Apple's spaceship is rising

Apple's spaceship is rising


There's still a lot of work to be done before this thing takes flight

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If you're a major company in Silicon Valley, it's becoming table stakes to have an awe-inspiring campus for your employees to head to every day. Google, Facebook, and Apple are all planning new buildings and workplaces (though Google's marvel recently hit a pretty major roadblock), and Apple's "spaceship" design promises to be among the most iconic office buildings out there. We're getting a glimpse at how construction is going thanks to an image that the city of Cupertino quietly released a few weeks ago that is making the rounds today — and there's no doubt that the giant, circular building is starting to slowly resemble what we've been ogling in artist renders for years now.

Still, there's clearly lots of work to be done; "Campus 2" isn't scheduled for completion until the end of 2016. It's quite a bit further along than it was a year ago, though — recognizable pieces of the structure are definitely emerging from the ground. We're hoping that the city releases more official looks at the construction as it progresses over the next year, as we should finally see this thing start to take shape in a big way. If not, we'll just have to be content with more amateur drone flyovers.

Correction, 7/15/15, 12:00PM ET: This article originally stated that the photo of Apple's campus construction was just released; we've since learned that it is several weeks old. We've updated this post to reflect that.