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Lana Del Rey’s new single 'Honeymoon' is six minutes of meandering bliss

Lana Del Rey’s new single 'Honeymoon' is six minutes of meandering bliss


It's the title track off her upcoming album

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Lana Del Rey has been teasing bits of her third full-length for months now, but its first official single — the album's title track — is finally here. "Honeymoon" is a torturously slow bit of blue-hued soul that languishes in the kind of patient sorrow Lana Del Rey does best. And, at 6 minutes long, there's plenty of room for her to stretch out in.

The album is out in September

Compared to LDR's debut album, Born to Die, last year's Ultraviolence felt matured in a way that made its bruised melancholy hurt just a little bit more. Its tracks were meandering, dark, and confident enough to escape some of the structured melody of Born to Die. "Honeymoon," too, does this. The chorus plays almost like a sigh, layering words into a light timbre. Vocally, LDR stays largely in the low end, which is where she's always sounded most comfortable, and just the smallest bit threatening.

Sweeping strings and stuttering snares float through the background of the song, but, like much of Lana Del Rey's work, the core of its appeal is in her voice, which has almost created a character — lonely, moody, possibly Midwestern — on its own. During a show in Washington state this past May, LDR said Honeymoon would be out in September, according to Stereogum.