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We fixed that weird Airbnb commercial

We fixed that weird Airbnb commercial

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Something about the new Airbnb commercial, in which a toddler clumsily walks toward a front door glowing with natural light, just doesn't feel quite right. Maybe it's the voiceover, which aspires for Terrence Malick by way of Don Draper. Yeah, it's definitely the voiceover. Why use faux-poetic, over-simplistic, life-affirming wannabe-Malick, when you can just use the real, complex, makes-you-think-about-the-fragility-of-life-instead-of-staying-in-some-stranger's-dirty-basement thing.

Here's a version of the Airbnb trailer spliced with some worthy Malickisms. In the words of the almighty Magic Mike: you're welcome.

Here's the original: